Currently our online services include viewing property tax details, claiming your Home Owner Grant and the ability to register to receive your property tax notice online.  You will need your roll number and your access code from the upper right hand side of your most recent property tax notice.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO REGISTER TO CLAIM YOUR HOME OWNER GRANT.

Unfortunately our online Home Owner Grant Claim system does not support mobile devices at this time.

We are dedicated to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal financial information.  This is a secure site.

If you receive your property tax notice via email, please CLICK HERE for the property tax insert.






 For printable documents on claiming your grant or registering click below:

How to claim your Home Owner Grant

How to register for Online Services

View Your Tax Account - You Must Register

  • Click on Link and Register on the top of screen.
  • When the Welcome to Online Services screen display, click SHOW ME HOW
  • Choose property taxes from the drop down menu
  • Enter the 8 digit roll number after the 555 (including the decimal) from the upper right hand corner of your property tax notice in the ROLL field
  • Enter the 5 digit access code from the upper right of your property tax notice below the roll number in the ACCESS CODE/PIN field
  • Click on the please notify me by email that my property tax notice is ready and either I will view my property tax notice online or attach a PDF copy of the property tax notice to the email
  • Add your email address to the email address field and click continue
  • A new screen will dispaly to enter your username, email address and your password (requires 7 characters)  
  • Click save
  • Once registered a confirmation email will be sent to the registered user.

For a printed version of instructions to register CLICK HERE

Property Information for the Public


The public can obtain a legal description, assessment, or property tax information on a particular property without having to register.  The user can search by Jurisdiction-Roll Number (555-15999.999), PID (999-999-999), address, or postal code.  Billing, payments and Home Owner Grant history is only available to property owners who LINK AND REGISTER with ACCESS code/PIN. 


For Detailed Instructions to Claim the Home Owner Grant

You do not need to register to claim your Home Owner



To Claim Your Home Owner Grant: 

  • You will need your property tax notice with your roll number and your access code in the upper right hand corner. If you do not have your notice, please contact the Town Office at 250-485-6203 or email the Finance Department at finance@oliver.ca to obtain your access code.
  • Click the button below to claim your grant. 
  • The jurisdiction number will default to 555 - Town of Oliver.
  • Enter the roll number (8 digits following the 555, including the decimal) and your access code from your property tax notice.  Click claim Home Owner Grant.
  • The Home Owner Grant claim form will display.
  • Complete the Home Owner Grant form and click claim at the bottom of the screen.  A confirmation requirement screen will appear.  You must click okay for your grant claim to process.  Click cancel to go back to the previous screen to edit the information. Once your application has been submitted you can print a copy for your records by clicking the print button.

You must claim every year!

After submitting the HOG application you should receive a confirmation of submission via email.  Please print this confirmation for your records.  Note that all grants are subject to review before a claim is approved or denied, according to regulations of the Home Owner Grant Act.